Solving Wireless Interference Problems Through Customized Testing

Case Study

Novus Labs’ clients are not always able to identify the type of service needed when they first contact our team—they are often simply aware that a problem exists. In one instance, a prominent
wireless headphone manufacturer approached us with a complicated situation; they could not figure out why the audio would randomly cut out when the product was in use in real-world
situations. The number of potential causes to evaluate in this type of testing situation made figuring out where to start a challenge.

Interference in the Wireless Headphone Industry
The client in this case manufactures high-quality wireless headphones, a market segment expected to reach $15.8 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research, Inc. The headphones featured excellent sound quality and were expected to be a bestseller. However, when connected to a mobile phone in the user’s back pocket, the audio would cut out, with the sound interference negatively impacting the overall user experience. This type of interference can be caused by any combination of environmental factors as well as device compatibility or even device failure. The Novus Labs team immediately recognized that our flagship solutions, such as an expansive device library and real world test houses, were not the right answer in this particular case, and developed a unique solution to solve the client’s problem.

Humanizing the Problem
Going beyond traditional wireless testing, Novus Labs built a truly customized solution: a fully-clothed dummy replica of the human body constructed using a gel-like substance to imitate body mass. The team used the dummy to test congestion in various simulated locations—from homes and apartment complexes, to large company campuses, airports and major event venues. Through their specialized testing, the Novus Labs team pinpointed when and where each glitch occurred and provided recommendations on the necessary adjustments so the wireless headphones would operate without interruption.

By thinking outside of the conventional testing box, Novus Labs team of skilled engineers were able to build a solution tailor-made for the client’s problem and help them get their high-quality device into the marketplace. Our uniquely creative approach cut through the noise so customers would never miss a beat.

Novus Labs is no stranger to a complex challenge. Our team of experts is ready to take on your testing predicaments and smooth the process to deployment just as we did for this client. Contact us today to learn more about the services Novus Labs has to offer and how we can help you achieve success.