Press Release – Novus Labs Rebrand Launch

Press Release

Allion USA Announces Corporate Name Change to Novus Labs, Expands Services
Novus Labs offers industry’s most comprehensive set of engineering services along with unmatched expertise and infrastructure.

Hillsboro, Ore., Feb. 26, 2019 — Allion USA – a global leader in engineering services – today announced it is changing its corporate name to Novus Labs. The name change coincides with the company’s expanding its product development and design services and streamlining access to hundreds of specialized technical engineering staffers across its domain portfolio.

With unmatched flexibility coupled with a unique breadth of engineering services, Novus Labs offers world-class development, testing and staffing across product categories with uniquely qualified engineering talent. The company’s comprehensive approach is breaking the mold in an industry focused mostly on basic testing and certification.

“We’ve worked with technology companies of all sizes, to help fill gaps, find solutions and solve some of the most complex engineering challenges,” said Chad Meyer, president of Novus Labs. “Our name change is an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from others in the industry that are more limited in scope. We are the most comprehensive in our solutions, are more agile in our methods and have second-to-none expertise.”

Most recently Novus Labs has worked on a variety of projects with companies across the technology industry, including Amazon, Bose, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Oculus, Valve and many more.


Expanded Services with Streamlined Access

Novus Labs offers companies of all sizes custom and standard engineering services that meet the needs of the business, project and varying budgets. Novus Labs provides three primary functions for the technology industry broadly:

  • Product Design and Development: Skilled engineers and product designers at Novus Labs bring together innovation and expertise to make any client’s product dream a reality. Novus Labs teams work across
    hardware and software design needs, including rapid prototyping, industrial design, component selection, application development, UX/UI and more.
  • Testing and Certification: The Novus Labs team of experienced engineers spans disciplines and technologies to support testing at the component and system level and create standard or custom test solutions that meet project goals. Whether the project is functional, is focused on performance and benchmarking, interoperability, or industry compliance, or requires a highly customized test service, Novus Labs has the expertise to meet the need.
  • Technical Staffing: The Novus Labs team of recruiters specializes in placements for onsite engineering positions within our customers’ organizations. Novus Labs sources hardware, software and quality assurance engineers, as well as technical writers, program managers and many other high-tech disciplines.


Infrastructure – From Product Labs to Connected Cars and Residential Homes

Novus Labs will continue to operate out of its Hillsboro, Oregon, headquarters, providing standard and custom engineering services, including product development, component and system level testing, and technical staffing to industry-leading brands and companies of all sizes.

Along with its suite of engineering services, Novus Labs offers the industry unmatched infrastructure and resources to meet a variety of product and business goals. The headquarters houses a top-of-the-line 55,000 square foot facility that includes a device library with thousands of devices, nearly 50 product labs, access to hundreds of cars and three dedicated residential homes allowing for customizable end-to-end testing across a variety of product categories and scenarios.

The new name is effective immediately and will be implemented across the company’s product and services portfolio throughout calendar year 2019. In alignment with the adaptation of the new name, Novus Labs today is launching a website and corporate brand identity campaign. Please visit to learn more.

About Novus Labs:
With a variety of technology experts on staff, Novus Labs is a global leader in engineering services, development and technical staffing. With unmatched expertise and infrastructure, Novus Labs services include comprehensive and customized development, integration, testing, and staffing solutions. Novus Labs’ goal is to help its customers bring products to market faster and with the highest quality for companies of all sizes across a variety of markets. To learn more, visit

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