Audio Lab and Custom Tools

Solution Brief

In recent years, consumer demand shifted from wired audio to wireless audio that expands across the house and analysts at MarketsandMarkets expect the wireless audio market will grow from $16.13 Billion in 2016 to $31.80 Billion by 2023. Novus Labs’ audio labs, custom software, and real-world test houses are the bridge between the concept of perfect audio throughout the home and a positive customer experience. Novus Labs has the tools to deliver—beginning with single speaker testing and ending in large-scale distributed home audio.

Audio Isolation Rooms
Novus Labs is able to execute a range of audio tests for standard point-to-point measurements—beginning with the most common trials: performance, interoperability, and wireless. Employing our network of soundproof audio isolation chambers, the team is able to conduct several tests in tandem, increasing efficiency and decreasing time to market. Interoperability testing is performed with the aid of our comprehensive device library, ensuring flawless performance both independently and within a network of connected products. Finally, Novus Labs prioritizes wireless testing—such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee—further pushing the audio market toward its connected home future.

The Novus Labs Way: Customized, Distributed Home Audio
Novus Labs is proud to offer customizable solutions beyond those of conventional test labs. Our clients often share unique, unforeseen challenges that extend beyond standard interoperability issues—inspiring custom software creations. Our exclusive glitch and dropout software is the basis of Novus Labs’ distributed home audio testing and our one-of-a-kind solution allows us to automate the process, verifying the audio quality against hundreds of devices simultaneously. Custom software allows our team to evaluate various factors that add up to an ideal listening experience: speaker synchronization, scalability, total harmonization, glitch vs. range, pause/play latency, volume, and more.

Our team also has the option of leveraging our unique, real-world test houses, which we believe to be essential for generating real-life data. By testing in both controlled labs and a realistic home environment, we can guarantee devices that work without interruption when deployed inside customer homes. Our tried and true synchronization testing ensures that the same pure audio experience is shared across multiple speakers as customers move from the shower to the kitchen and throughout the home. Novus Labs can scale product testing regardless of space size—whether a studio apartment or a multi-level house—offering a uniquely customized solution combined with a blend of real-world data that promises diehard audiophiles will hear crystal clear sound every time they press play.

The Novus Labs team has a proven track record of reliably and efficiently speeding clients products to market. Contact us today to learn more about how your company can reach its product deployment goals by taking advantage of the cost savings, expertise, and accessibility provided by Novus Labs.