Novus Labs: World’s Largest Device Library

Solution Brief

Companies launching new products often lack the resources necessary to conduct interoperability testing in real-world environments—a crucial step to mitigating performance issues and ensuring product functionality. Novus Labs’ expansive device library features thousands of devices and, when combined with our experts and customized testing plans, ensures your product will seamlessly integrate into your customers’ lives.

Home Integration Challenges
Introducing a new solution into the marketplace is challenging. Products must undergo extensive testing to meet industry standards and government regulations, but that does not automatically translate into successful real-world operation. Products can still fail when they exit the testing environment and transition to customer homes. Real-world failures can happen when consumers attempt to integrate a new product with cross-vendor and legacy devices already operating in their homes. Companies that focus solely on standards compliance cannot execute the interoperability testing needed to promise flawless device operation.

The Solution: Comprehensive Interoperability Testing
Interoperability testing ensures that your new product operates alongside multiple devices with no degradation of performance — guaranteeing that your customers’ expectations are met every time. With Novus Labs’ extensive device library and two residential homes dedicated solely to testing in real-world environments, you can deliver your product to market knowing that it will provide optimal performance and a positive user experience.

The Novus Labs Way
Novus Labs maintains an unparalleled device library to support interoperability testing. Our device library, paired with the experts who manage it, helps our clients close the gap between specification fulfillment and seamless operation with existing products. Novus Labs’ device library includes:

  • 1000+ wireless access points
  • 200+ international access points
  • 600+ phones
  • 300+ laptops, tablets and peripheral devices
  • 400+ Bluetooth devices
  • 300+ AV devices
  • 300+ vehicle makes/models

The Novus Labs team has a proven track record of reliably and efficiently speeding our clients’ products to market. Contact us today to learn more about how your company can reach its product deployment goals by taking advantage of the cost savings, expertise, and accessibility provided by Novus Labs.