2-Axis Rate Table

Custom Test Tools
The bench top “2-Axis Rate Table” was developed in response to a customer’s need to more effectively test inertial sensors for consumer electronics applications. The system allows for physical stimulation in 2 axis’ simultaneously to enable complex motion scenarios.

2-Axis Rate Table
Cinder’s 2-Axis Rate Table is a portable bench-top position/rate tabledesigned for consumer electronic motion sensor validation. Utilizing continuous motion for the x and z axes and our versatile interface package with real-time and test-design modes, the CRT-2SR-M1 represents an ideal option for any development efforts involving motion sensors.

• Dual-axis slip ring
• Ethernet and 4 lines suitable for power (240 VDC @ 2A) I2C or other 2-wire communication
• USB 2.0 over Ethernet
• Communication via USB interface
• C++, Python APIs, Windows CLI
• Real-time GUI
• Drag and drop test designer GUI

Mounting fixtures, custom electronic test fixtures
Payload: 10 lbs
Power requirements:
Single phase, 100-240 VAC, 12A, 50/60Hz

L 37″ × W 17.5″ × H 16″
Carriage height from base – 16″
DUT clearance – 10″

Weight: 170 lbs