We have invested in the resources and infrastructure so you don’t have to, staffed by engineers with domain expertise across technologies.

From ground-up development and integration to end-to-end validation, Novus Labs is ready to tackle challenges confronted by engineering teams every day at any stage of the development lifecycle.

Continue down for additional information around our core areas of expertise:


Novus Labs takes into account the wide range of user scenarios and deployments both in controlled lab and real-world environments.

Mobile Phones
Wireless APs
Wireless APs
Mobile Phones

Novus Labs maintains the world’s largest Interop Library with all the latests and legacy devices that are most likely to be encountered in the real-world.

Device Library

Customers leverage our extensive device library to meet their Interoperability testing needs:

  • 1000+ wireless access points
  • 300+ international APs
  • 700+ phones & tablets
  • 500+ Bluetooth devices
  • 300+ vehicles
  • 400+ AV devices (TV, DVD, Bluray, Set top box, AVR, soundbars, streaming devices, gaming consoles, etc)

Wireless Connectivity

Connectivity and reliability are the keystones of smart devices. Novus Labs provides component and end-to-end system level development and testing across wireless technologies.

Experts in development, test and debug across Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, GPS, Cellular / LTE will ensure your product’s communications strategy is ready for deployment.

RF Lab

Infrastructure and resources to address any Wireless Connectivity challenge:

  • Interop Device Library
  • 25 RF Chambers
  • RF attenuators
  • RF noise generators
  • Wireless sniffers
  • Spectrum analyzers

Performance Characterization

  • Rate vs range
  • Throughput
  • RF Coexistence
  • Roaming
  • Network load balancing
  • Longevity / stability
  • RSSI / SNR heat maps
  • Device orientation
  • RF coexistence
  • Mesh integration
Anechoic chamber
Anechoic chamber
Device under test
Device under test


Novus Labs has in depth capabilities for the integration, performance tuning and test of a wide range of audio technologies

Acoustic chamber
Audio sync and voice recognition test setup

Wide ranging capabilities for technologies implementing voice enablement (digital assistant, speech recognition), playback analysis and many other applications for audio RX / TX.

Audio Lab

  • Acoustic chambers for audio isolation, performance & tuning
  • Novus A/V Test Suite
  • Audio Precision Analyzer (APx 555)
  • Residential homes: distributed audio ‘solution’
  • G.R.A.S. 43AG ear & cheek simulation
  • High performance microphones

Test and Integration Services

  • Mixed signal embedded design
  • RF analysis & design
  • DSP tuning
  • Transducer selection
  • System integration
  • End-to-end validation

Connected Home

In addition to our headquarters, Novus Labs operates three fully furnished residential homes dedicated to testing for real world deployments and analysis.

A combination of controlled lab and Over the Air (OTA) testing in the homes provide invaluable feedback for products intended to be used or deployed in smart homes.

Real World Deployments

  • Furnished 3,000 sf homes
  • Continuous spectrum monitoring
  • Ability to introduce RF profiles to simulate common user & network congestion scenarios
  • Reproducible environments for iterative testing

Automated solutions and custom tools for Connected Home applications:

  • Distributed audio
  • Home automation
  • Home monitoring
  • Power monitoring
One of three test homes
Control room within test house

Electrical Validation

Electrical validation for hardware development, test and debug to ensure compliance with standards and protocols as well as meeting product requirements.

Network analyzer

From component and board-level electrical characterization for standards and protocols used in consumer electronics worldwide:

  • USB
  • SATA
  • HDMI
  • DisplayPort
  • Ethernet
  • Power system analysis

Electrical Validation Lab

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Network / protocol analyzers
  • Signal generators
  • Power meters

S-Parameter RF Testing

  • Signal integrity
  • Modal analysis
  • Materials measurements
  • Reflection & transmission analysis
  • Frequency range from 300 kHz to 20GHz


Whether your device is the source, sink or anything in between, Novus Labs has the expertise and resources to test any type of display and content delivery technology.


Leveraging our extensive Device Library, Novus Labs takes into account the wide range of user scenarios and deployments both in controlled lab and real-world environments: 

  • Streaming services
  • HDMI / DisplayPort
  • CEC functionality
  • Optical
  • IR
  • ARC
  • Audio Output Formats


We have developed AV test tools for complete end-to-end playback analysis, agnostic to the underlying technology. This allows for objective and repeatable measurement of:

  • Glitches / artifacts
  • Distortions
  • Dropouts
  • Protocol analysis
  • Buffering
  • Frame jitter / judder
  • Audio / video sync
Hundreds of TVs for IoP
A/V analysis tool


Applications for development and test of a variety of optics technologies.

Mobile testing for image recognition

A very wide ranging field, optics have been used in many applications where Novus Labs’ unique expertise has proven beneficial to help customer’s implement and test the right solution for their products.

  • Stereoscopic imaging
  • Focus time of flight
  • MM wave
  • Camera
  • Radar
  • Lidar
  • Laser
  • IR

Optics Lab

For projects that require a light controlled environment, Novus Labs has the facilities to monitor lux levels to capture performance metrics:

  • Flash
  • Sharpness
  • Resolution
  • Noise
  • Contrast
  • Color


Novus Labs has developed unique capabilities around sensor selection, integration and validation for a wide range of sensor applications.

When it comes to sensors, implementing the right solution and integration strategy are key to a successful user experience. Novus Labs has extensive experience with sensors to ensure products will meet expectations.

Sensor Lab

  • Expertise & equipment for testing sensor accuracy, responsiveness, latency & drift
  • Automation tools
  • Sensor fusion & algorithms for optimizing performance


Understanding of components and applications for different sensor technologies:

  • Motion
  • Pressure / touch
  • Environmental
  • Optics / IR
  • Mechanical
2-axis rate table
Robotic Arm
Robotic arm for repeatable full range of motion


Infrastructure to support accelerated lifecycle as well as other standard and customized environmental test solutions.

Salt spray chamber
Thermal chamber

Environmental Lab

  • Salt Spray
  • Thermal
  • Humidity
  • HALT
  • Mil Spec Drop

Test processes to ensure products will perform over their expected lifespan and under harsh conditions they may encounter in the real world.

  • Mean time between failure
  • Physical / mechanical stress
  • Aging

Industry Compliance

Approved and acknowledged by a wide range of world-class compliance programs. Novus Labs has tested thousands of competing products and have gained a reputation for unmatched independence and objectivity.

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